Douglas Carswell

08 FEB 2013

Ministers win, Parliament works

Back in October, I helped defeat the government in the House of Commons over the EU budget.


Because I felt that at a time when my constituents were facing rising living costs, they should not have to hand over more money to the Eurosystem.

Predictably, many pet pundits in SW1 sneered. "There they go again" they suggested. "Those beastly Eurosceptics stirring it up."

Except of course it increasingly looks as if David Cameron has now secured the cut in the EU budget we sought. If so, three hearty cheers to him.

Under pressure from the taxpayer, MPs instructed ministers not to hand over extra amounts of money. And ministers appear to have responded by securing a deal that does precisely that.

Democracy, eh. Perhaps Parliament is at last recovering its sense of purpose. Holding ministers to account for how they spend our taxes is, after all, why we invented the thing in the first place.

Mark Reckless MP, the author of the successful amendment, deserves perhaps the heartiest cheer of all.

And well done to all those MPs who did the right thing. Just please do not call us "rebels" for doing what Parliament is there to do.

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