Douglas Carswell

14 FEB 2013

The European case against the EU

Even John Major now welcomes an In / Out referendum. The debate, it seems, has come a long way since he took us into the ERM.

To help push it forward yet further, I last week took part in a debate at Queen Mary's with Sir Stephen Wall. Click on the picture to watch.

The Eurosystem, I argued, is profoundly anti-European. A good European should seek democratic self-government free from the sclerotic embrace of Brussels bureaucratic empire.

To me, the most striking thing to emerge from the evening were the views of my opponent, Sir Stephen Wall. Anyone concerned about the future of our relations with the EU really must listen to what he says.

Here is a man that has spent years as the head of UKREP, the UK's top deal maker in Brussels.  Yet quite clearly he subscribes to the whole integration-at-any-price, must-be-part-of-it agenda.  No wonder we always seem to get such a bum deal in Brussels.

Has any of it changed?   Are we still represented in Brussels by deal makers like this?  After David Hannay, John Kerr and Stephen Wall, is UKREP still run by people with a similar set of assumptions?

I am off to meet UKREP in Brussels in the next few days to try to find out.

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