Douglas Carswell

17 DEC 2012

A lucky escape?

"We would all rather have dinner with Ken Clarke than with Douglas Carswell" writes that grandest of grandees, Bruce Anderson.

He's right, of course. I'm just not terribly fashionable among well-dined Westminster sorts.

For a start, I hold a number of views that sit awkwardly with the Westminster chatteratti; that the Keynesian-Monetarist economic orthodoxy is bankrupt; that we need an In / Out vote of Europe; that those in SW1 should be made more accountable to those outside.

Like a character in a Bateman cartoon, I have this rum habit of .... well ... coming out and saying it.  If you tend to see politics as a common room lark, I suppose those who have earnestly held beliefs must seem a little gauche.  

And besides, is there nothing about swing voters that Pall Mall pundits don't know?

I glory in the thought of all those missed "dinners" with Bruce and Ken. Those hours not spent at the Beefsteak. The time saved not listening to Westminster commentators recycling one another's thoughts.

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