Douglas Carswell

10 MAY 2016

British business is backing Leave

The BCC's new referendum poll of British business is significant. It doesn't just demonstrate a marked shift towards Leave. It also shows that, among businesses that either trade domestically or only export to non-EU countries, Leave supporters are the majority.

Why is this so important?

Domestic traders and non-EU exporters represent 94% of British business. The BCC's overall result doesn't reflect this, because the survey is skewed towards EU exporters.

But the data tells the real story. The lion's share of British business, which doesn't trade with the EU, clearly wants Britain to leave.

Even those businesses that do sell to the EU increasingly recognise that access to the single market does not depend on being in the single market. There is tariff-free trade from Iceland to Turkey, even if we vote Leave.

No wonder the polls are moving in favour of Brexit.


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