Douglas Carswell

07 JAN 2013

Declining party membership? Not in Clacton

"So have many local party members resigned?" repeated the journalist, willing me to say "Yes".

"No" I repeated "As I said, our local party membership is actually going up".

According to the media narrative, parties are all haemorrhaging members. And without doubt, fewer people now belong to political parties than was the case a generation ago. But it does not have to be like this.

My own local Conservative Association has seen membership grow strongly over the past two years. In fact, we appear to have more members today than at perhaps any point since the 1990s. We also have more young members than for many years.

How come? For a start, we make a point of inviting lots of local residents to join us every couple of months. We host open meetings and informal fish and chip suppers. And we have a constant stream of interesting speakers – Jeremy Hunt, Chris Grayling, Peter Lilley, Nick Herbert and David Davis.

At the end of this month, we have the brilliant young MP, Dominic Raab, talking to us about the steps we need to take to revive Britain.  See here for details.

If you live in our part of Essex, why not come along? 

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