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29 DEC 2012

Three cheers for Sir Richard!

He should, of course, have become Speaker of the House of Commons. That, at least, is what I thought when I voted for Richard Shepherd to be Speaker following the resignation of Michael Martin.

Sir Richard is everything that an MP should aspire to be. He has diligently served his Aldridge-Brownhills constituents since 1979. At a time when Parliament became supine and spineless, he has again and again shown principle and backbone.

That he lost the whip over Europe, because he could see where a single currency was going to end, is a compliment to him.

While many MPs spend their time in Westminster ingratiating themselves with ministers and the front bench, Sir Richard has done as an MP should; holding the executive to account. Perhaps more than anyone I have met in SW1, he understands what Parliament is for.

Knighthoods so often go to Westminster toadies and yes-men. Not in this case, I am delighted to see.

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