Douglas Carswell

02 NOV 2012

Who voted for Howard?

Few things depress me more than reading Howard Davies in tonight's Evening Standard.

Recently put in charge of a Whitehall-appointed commission to decide on future airport capacity, Davies' article is designed to reassure. It has the precise opposite effect on me.

What gets me down is not just the bureaucratic delay – Davies and co won't report until 2015, when we need a decision asap.

Nor is it his technocratic presumptuousness - Davies claims that his experts will have more than "just opinions".  Unlike the rest of us mere mortals, I guess.

No. What really gets me is the idea that it should be people like Davies making this decision in the first place. Who the heck ever voted for this man?

Didn't Davies once oversee financial service regulation as head of the FSA? Didn't he once have something to do with the London School of Economics? 

How could anyone have anything other than complete confidence over how we are making one of the most vital public policy choices facing the country.   Carry on, Whitehall.  Steady as she sinks ....

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